Why KCR Project - Rail Wardrobe ?

KCR Project – Rail Wardrobe has established its corporate identity in the furniture industry with an understanding based on trust. We are aware that quality is not a coincidence and we have become the pioneer of this industry that demands creativity. We are waiting for you in our showroom to see the quality in our designs with our power to project dreams.

Expert Staff

As KRC Proje, we design your dream projects with our expert staff.

Quality Material

We use the highest quality materials in our projects. You will notice the quality in your showroom visit.

Consultancy Service

Let's take the steps to bring your dream project to life in the dimensions you want together.

3D Design

Before production, our architects will remember the 3D design of the project.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind everything we do.

Special Size Projects

Our interior architects prepare special designs for the dimensions of your room, house or workplace.

Projecting Process

  • Meet
  • Impression Appointment
  • Design Interview
  • Production Process
  • Build Process






Product Type


m2 Showroom